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June 14th 1975

“Went to see manager of Whitwams – said he will phone on Monday”

Please don’t tell me I put on my new suit and traveled on the train to Winchester on the off-chance I might get a job at Whitwams

I probably did, didn’t I? *shudder*

Whitwams was a haunt of mine for sure, but I couldn’t really imagine me working there. It sold not just records, but… *gulp*… musical instruments. Regular readers will no doubt remember the ‘success’ I have had attempting the most rudimentary elements of even a guitar… let alone other things like keyboards, trumpets, saxophones and the ilk.

However if Whitwams were looking for a salesman who could bang out the opening chords of “Smoke on the Water” on just about ANYthing, I was most certainly their man…

.. and would await their call with baited breath on Monday.

A job, after all, IS a job when you have a vinyl and vodka habit to satisfy.


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