April 30th 1975

“Derek got letter saying he was sacked”

And so the ‘dynamic duo’ at Francis Records loses its weakest link.

Having already fired Neville to take both Derek and I on it would seem that, although a little ancient, Mrs Francis was pretty ruthless in her hiring and firing procedures?

Would I keep my job?

As they say…. “watch this space”

In other news, and despite some evidence to the contrary, Derek never really did amount to much in the music business. Admittedly he did open a fast-growing chain of second-rate record stores in the late 70’s, but they (not he I hasten to qualify) eventually went bust, owing a combination of labels, staff and landlords a total of almost £1m. Rumour has it he was pretty unapologetic to everyone, especially the staff. Some might say he was always a bit of a dodgy character and eventually became so reviled by certain people he ended up changing his name.



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2 responses to “April 30th 1975

  1. “never really did amount to much”?

    He left almost as big a mark in the world of record retailing and the relationship between independent record stores and the major distribution companies as Branson – but in a different/bad way.

    Probably a can of worms best left buried.

    • teenagerockopera

      I don’t dispute the influence he may have had for a while and I didn’t mind him ‘sticking it to the man’ by stitching up record companies – as much waste as went on back in those days they almost deserved it – but later tales of staff being treated badly and not being paid didn’t sit well with me.

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