April 18th 1975

“Went to A Home of Your Own – RUBBISH! – walked out half way through

Later in life I would become a fully-fledged film reviewer for various magazines and publications.

I would like to think that my later critiques extended to hyperbole beyond a succinct “RUBBISH!

“A Home of Your Own” was a British comedy film, made back in the mid-60’s, starring the (then) ‘cream’ of comedy actors including Ronnie Barker, Richard Briers, Peter Butterworth, Bernard Cribbins, Bill Fraser and Fred Emney.

Its run-time was a mere 45 minutes (which means I abandoned it around the 22-minute mark) and was a comedy of errors about the building of a young couple’s dream home.

It was remarkable (?!) inasmuch that it featured no dialogue whatsoever, just music and noise.

Are you intrigued? Here’s a trailer to show you what unbridled hilarity you’ve been missing out on…

It was a screened at college courtesy of the newly inducted Coffee Club “film committee” and shown – via a roll-up screen and dodgy film projector – in the main hall of Barton Peveril.

Quite the thrilling night out for hormonal teenagers I’m sure you will agree?


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One response to “April 18th 1975

  1. Christian

    I didn’t make it through half of that trailer.

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