January 25th 1975

“Work!” / “Nig got his Cassette Deck – Goodmans SCD100” / “bought Ziggy Stardust” / “Got letter from Global – gonna replace speakers with Amstrad 1500, Wharfedale Denton or Dallas”

Nig’s Goodmans cassette deck was SUCH a good-looking piece of equipment. Real wood sides, top-loading pop-open lid, faders, bouncing needles and the all-important Dolby-B noise-reduction system.

Yes, I may have been jealous.

As for buying Ziggy Stardust today, I am amazed.

My comments as far back as my November 21st 1973 diary entry (which was all about the album and its contents) had already expressed surprise that I didn’t already own it on anything but a copied cassette. 

But here we are 13 months later and I’ve only just sprung for the proper vinyl!  If I was a betting man I would say it was because Mrs Francis – at my new fabby place of employment (notice that gleeful exclamation mark after “work” again?) – gave me a staff discount of some kind.

35 years after the event I was likewise surprised by the comment about my speakers, but it did remind me a little about what happened.

Despite what I thought, I obviously did NOT buy Wharfedale Dentons back in October 1973. Instead I must have bought something else – something inferior – only to have experienced some kind of problem with them. I remember now that my Dad wrote letters on my behalf to Global – the retailer – complaining and asking for them to be replaced. Seems as though Global agreed? (Maybe I learned everything I know about writing forceful letter of complaint from my Dad?)

The Dentons are the speakers I chose as I clearly remember owning them at some point. It’s merely that my timelines are all messed up!

Man, this hi-fi stuff was complicated.


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