January 24th 1975

“Bought Nobby’s Subbuteo off of him for £3 record token”

I wrote about Subbuteo back in July 1972. In what has always proved immensely curious to me, that one post has historically received more hits than ANY other on EFA70sTRO… and by a very significant margin.

So, to all you apparently rabid Subbuteo geeks, I say “Hello, thank you for reading” and “It’s good to have you back again”

A few weeks ago I informed Nobby of this impending post and how he had apparently sold me his Subbuteo stuff for little more than a £3 record token. (Presumably representing ¾ of my birthday present?)

I felt it prudent to warn him in advance so as to diffuse at least some of his vociferous anger that may otherwise been directed at me had he read this the same time as the rest of you.

The reason for this is that several years ago, wanting to introduce his own teenage son to the delights of Subbuteo, he spent many weeks scouring the portals of eBay attempting to snap up an entire set of equipment on which to play this classic table football game.

He was eventually succesful (I think?) but, at some point in his quest, he remarked to me that he had no recollection of where his original Subbuteo went and was a little pissed off that he had ever got rid of it.

Well, now the truth’s out. Poor bugger traded it for a mere £3 record token which, who knows, he may have wasted on a Genesis album or something?

Sorry Nobby. Feel free to swear at me again.


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  1. Peace … … … (OFF!)

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