January 18th 1975

“Work!” / “Got New cartridge Shure M75ED T2 – £9.75”

The ‘ED” stood for “Elliptical Diamond” and “T2” stood for Type 2… yes I recall this kind of dweebish nonsense if not the bigger – and undoubtedly more fascinating – ‘teenage memories’.

When you think about, £9.75 was a lot of money in those days wasn’t it? Especially when the average wage was little more than eighty quid a week.

Not that anyone probably cares but the Shure really WAS a significant aural upgrade to my system from Goldring’s G800… which I had, erm, only bought a mere 7 months earlier.

… and just in case nobody noticed, the telltale exclamation mark next to “work” suggests that I was continuing to enjoy myself whilst earning money at the same time. Always the best mix.


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