The 1975 Diary

Here we are then….. the 1975 Diary.

In view of the relative ‘disaster’ that was the 1974 (lack of) offerings, I have approached the 1975 diary differently than the earlier ones.

Until now I have refused to read diary entries in advance… to create as fresh a reaction as possible from my synapse-deficient brain. By doing this it also prevented me from ‘pre-empting’ any thoughts on events that were about to happen ‘in the future’

For 1975 though I decided that I really needed to read the entire diary in advance, if only to make sure the content was actually there to make this whole EFA70’sTRO blog project viable!

The good news is I was infinitely more generous with my thoughts, writing long and often wordy entries – the entries actually appearing lengthier as the days progress.

The bad news is that I have to take a more censorious stance with a handful of the entries… at the very least changing a few names and situations to protect certain people’s dignity and/or anonymity. However, I will – as I have been – be as totally honest as I can be with every entry, only editing down the things that may offend people who might recognise themselves. Or alternatively, might be recognised by old school chums who I’m aware are now reading this blog with certain intrigue. All girls names will definitely be changed, for reasons that will become obvious. After all, the fact that I ‘made out with them’ that one time may be enough to undermine their careers!

Without spoiling what’s coming I can say that 1975 sees me ‘maturing’ at what seems like a rapid pace, taking my education even less seriously (if that’s possible) whilst simultaneously improving my social skills. As I said at the end of 1974, college helped me “grow up” a LOT!

I’ll also warn you that the 1975 Diary finds me commenting on the films I was seeing as much as – if not more than – the music I was buying and listening to. Irritatingly, and unlike earlier diaries, I did not use any back pages of the 1975 one to document my LP/Single purchases or the recordings I made through the year. Whilst a few albums ARE listed in the entries – which will be commented on as before – I know there are plenty of others which I will have failed to acknowledge. Maybe – if it doesn’t feel too ‘fake’ to do so – I’ll do a round-up of the others I knew I bought when the year draws to a close?

In the meantime sit back and enjoy 1975….  when EFA70sTRO turned 17, the teenage hormones kicked in and he started working in the record industry…..


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