(1974 Albums) Jimi Hendrix – In the West / Loose Ends

I got rid of “In The West” somewhere along the way. To be honest I couldn’t remember anything about it and so had to go-a-googling for some answers.

It was a live album apparently, featuring performances from as far apart as San Diego, California, London’s Royal Albert Hall and the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.

The tracklisting looks impressive too, featuring not only some of Jimi’s most well-known numbers (“Little Wing”, Voodoo Chile”) but a rendition of The Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band”

You’d think I’d have some kind of recall for something as outwardly impressive as this, but I don’t. Not a note.

By way of a peculiar contrast I can air guitar along to “Loose Ends” from start to finish, despite it being amongst Jimi’s least known albums.

It was embroiled in controversy from the beginning. It’s a posthumous collection of studio outtakes and jams with only one track – “The Stars That Play with Laughing Sam’s Dice” – ever authorized for official release by Hendrix’s estate

Needless to say this collection has never seen a full (legal) CD release and has been twisted up in legal probate ever since 1974. It also goes without saying that had I actually kept a hold of the vinyl from all those years ago I could probably take the wife out for a decent slap up meal on the proceeds of an eBay sale.

Trivia freaks may wish to know that this album was never released in the USA, Jimi’s record company there – Warner Brothers – deeming all the material on it “sub-par”. No qualms in Europe though where Polydor doubtless added a few bob to their coffers with this post-death cash-in.

Something in the back of my brain says that I picked up at least one, if not both of these albums from a seller’s cart at Eastleigh market. So probably second-hand and probably cheap.


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  1. deadmanstar

    Both of these albums by Hendrix have been released on CD. The Loose Ends album is a little more rare but I’ve got two copies of it along with Hendrix in the West. One from West Germany and the other from Japan. The vinyl albums are a lot more common and usually goes for around $20 if in decent condition.

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