June 23rd 1974

“Went to church – Angela not there! Went up Nigs – saw his girl, Yvonne”

Oh no…………… first, my band seem destined for the scrap heap and now my ‘girlfriend’ was not where I expected her to be on a Sunday morning. This is like a microcosmic News of the World exclusive or something?!!

Did I really ever consider Angela to be my girlfriend I wonder? Sure I fancied the pants off of her (figuratively and literally) and we went out a few times to the pictures, but I can’t ever remember introducing her to anyone as ‘my girlfriend’ (or as the colloquialism of the day preferred; “my bird”).

Which means, ladies and gentlemen, future events – the next 2 diary entries to be precise – will come as something of a shock to you all.

Meanwhile, my mate Nig had paired off with Yvonne. I remember Yvonne. Difficult to forget Yvonne. She had certain physical attributes that, let’s just say, stood out. I certainly know why Nigel went out with her…. or rather, as was the case, stayed in with her.


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  1. Yvonne – now there was a warm hearted girl

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