June 2nd 1974

“Sold G800 for £3.50”

So, having bought a new record stylus/cartridge a few weeks ago, I discover that – like dustbugs – a second-hand market for used styli.

G800 refers to my Goldring G800.

35 years later – that’s THIRTY-FIVE YEARS later – you can still buy a new stylus for a G800 cartridge, and for a mere £8.50.

I don’t know what’s more astonishing… that I was able to sell a used stylus in 1974 or that someone is still manufacturing the same thing 3½ decades later and be able to sell it for just £8.50?!



Filed under 1974 Diary Entries

2 responses to “June 2nd 1974

  1. Buzzstein

    What the hell is that?

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