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April 18th 1974

“Bought new cartridge. Ronette SM500/7”

Ooooooh, a bona fide EFA70’sTRO diary entry!

Not the most riveting thing though is it?

Basically I am telling my diary that I bought a new ‘needle’ for my Garrard record deck, presumably because I had a read a review of it somewhere and it promised auditory gains next time I listened to Fat Mattress?

I will use this entry to correct a previous error too. 

I was always under the impression that the first amp I bought for myself was that posh keyboard-style Alba amp I have spoken of  in glowing terms before.

NOT the case at all. The back of this 1974 diary tells me a different story and a quick google image search rendered my comments a lie. Instead of the Alba (was it my second amp?) my first was the below apparently ‘off-brand’ Albany House model. Is it now any wonder I ended up with a crappy one which my Dad had to take back?

Sorry, now back to album reviews….


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