(1974 Albums) Atomic Rooster – Made in England


Apparently, in 1974, I ponied up for an Atomic Rooster album?!

Doutbless swayed by the prior Carl Palmer (of ELP) connection I can only assume I either discovered this album languishing in a bargain bin somewhere OR it was some kind of balancing karma for me having successfully palmed off that awful Uriah Heep live album a few weeks ago.

Whichever it was, I think its VERY safe to say that the peculiar heavy jazz-rock meanderings of Mr Vincent Crane – which are said to linger on this particular album – did not remain with me for my entire life. Indeed, they probably didn’t stay with me for more than one or two listens…  but naturally my diary does not go into such intricate detail.

Trivia freaks may wish to know that vocals on this album are handled by Chris Farlowe. Yes, that Chris Farlowe, hitmaker behind the magnificent Jagger/Richards-written No.1 single “Out of Time” in 1966. Shall we have a spin of it to take the awful taste of Atomic Rooster out of our collective mouths?


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