1974 School Reports

Following on from my 1973 reports (for which I received several sarcastic comments offline) I bring you my February 1974 school reports… which appear to show little or no improvement…. indeed a worrying lack of concentration. Bear in mind these reports followed up my mock O-Level examinations, the real ones (in July) representing the kick-start I would require for the rest of my working life and career. (In theory)

“Patchy” eh? “Doubts” regarding my “willingness to work hard” eh? I guess I made up for it all when I left school and college.

So, my mock O-Levels yielded scores below 50% and Mr Middleton asks me for ‘steady effort’. I think we all know where this is headed, don’t we?

It’s that ‘persistence’ that might let me down!

“Some evidence”…. “but only with a considerable effort”. Dr Erasmus was no fool was he?

Looks like Mr Bulmer has given up on me as much as I have given up on myself? … “he has now left himself far too much to do”. Nothing like a bit of encouragement is there?

Oooooh….. someone got a typewriter for Christmas didn’t they?

Remember how Physics was my best subject? Bugger.

“So, this pound note, a shekel and a rouble go into a bar…….”

“Worked hard”….. but “is still below standard”. Story of my life really! 😉


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One response to “1974 School Reports

  1. It’s a bloody miracle you’re not scarred for life … oh, wait a minute. ;o)
    Next time you visit the UK we should track ’em down (well the ones that are still alive) and take a wee through their letterboxes!
    It was their damn job to get us through our exams – they were rubbish – bunch of tossers.
    Besides that I have no strong feelings on the matter.
    P x

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