(1974 Album) Byzantium – Byzantium

Confession time…. I remembered NOTHING – not a jot – about Byzantium until I started researching them earlier today.

Even the album sleeve – seen right – is little more than the vaguest memory. I think I bought this album as a ‘cut out’, a deleted release signified by having a hole punched in the upper right hand corner, or in some cases having the entire corner cut away.

Cut-outs were always sold cheaply by shops – so it seems as if I was again drawn in by ‘price’ rather than knowing anything about the album. D’oh!

My online research conjured up a surprise “MySpace” page by the band, which includes some song snippets and short biography.

None of the info rang any bells at all – apparently the band started off as an acoustic duo and later dabbled on the pub rock circuit… really? – but I was blown away when I spotted the name of one of its members.

Chaz Jankel.

The same  Chaz Jankel who later  soared to stardom as the funkmaster general for Ian Dury’s Blockheads, providing the rhythms for albums like “New Boots & Panties” and hit singles such as “Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll


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