January 28th until April 17th 1974

Sorry – nothing


There goes almost three months of the year in one foul swoop.

I do not know why my diary became a barren venue for my thoughts for all this time, but it does seem to have been a trend in 1974, for whatever reason.

I only have my memory to fall back on …. and – as regular readers will now have become accustomed – that cannot be counted on at all.

Was I still seeing “Angela”? I can’t honestly say we were an ‘item’ – as current punditry would have it – but I suspect we hooked up from time to time at (probably) the cinema for a movie or two for some back row Fanta and grubby fumblings in the dark. I don’t think I ever considered her ‘my girlfriend’, but maybe she was ‘my bit on the side’ from my true love of music?

It’s somewhat depressing to realise there’s this massive ‘hole’ in my teenage recollections. Especially when this was quite an important time of life, leading up – as it does – to my GCSE O-Levels in the summer.

As I have already done, I will continue to ‘pad out’ this blog with reviews and comments about the albums I bought, together with other “1974 items” that may – or may not – be of interest to you.

Once again, I can only ap0logise for the ‘break in transmission’


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