January 25th / 26th / 27th 1974

• “back to Normal lessons + Back to work”
• “At work stock taking”
• “Went to Ch”

So, after two gruelling weeks of mock exams – broken only by some religious retreat rudeness – it’s back to the ‘daily grind’ for this particular 16-year-old teenager.

School lesson have returned to their usual mundane ubiquity, and I’m back at Lancaster & Crook stacking shelves, sweeping floors, serving customers and going out on that bloody delivery bike. It’s the supermarket’s end-of-year stock taking too – such a pleasant chore/bore.

I went to church too. Not, I’m guessing, for any religious purpose, but probably to see if “Angela” was there and if I couldn’t drag her off to some vestry somewhere for a bit more grubby fumbling.

Let’s face it, I was already beyond saving.


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