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January 22nd 1974

“last nite went to see Canterbury Tales – dirty but boring”

I vaguely remember taking “Angela” to this movie at the Regal in Eastleigh.

Remember that scene in “Taxi Driver” where DeNiro’s “Travis Bickle” character takes Betsy (Cybil Sheppard) out on a date to a porno movie in New York and she is throughly appalled by it all?

Somehow, I get the feeling that Angela may have responded to “Canterbury Tales” – and thus me – in an entirely similar manner.

Whilst its true that Geoffrey Chaucer’s original 14th Century collection of stories is something of a slog to read, I think its fair to say that Italian director Pasolini’s interpretation of 8 of them could be considered a ‘travesty’. Poking fun at social graces, the film includes scenes of sodomy, incest and more, all presented with copious levels of nudity.

For a ‘boyfriend’ I must’ve been a real bloody prize.


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