January 3rd 1974

“Physics revision in morning – Went to Southampton in Afternoon bought Dust Bug”

Another dust bug? I thought I bought one in November 1972?

It really was a weird contraption. A length of plastic with a small brush and furry roller which you moved to sit on the record before it started spinning. The brush moved dust from the record’s surface just before the stylus may have got clogged by it… at least that was the theory.

The weighted base was supposed to keep the arm in place but, as I remember it, this rarely occurred… so a user – me – was forced to repeatedly shift the base about so as to maintain the brush’s perfect trajectory across the vinyl’s grooves.

It all seems so incredibly complicated and fiddly now, and must surely have distracted me from my listening experience? That’s maybe more of a comment highlighting my grumbling ‘impatience’ with technology, which has naturally blossomed along with my age. I can’t be doing with “phaffing about” more than is necessary these days, preferring to find things which are designed to do their job properly rather than present me with a whole new set of challenges. I can’t say that a dust bug ever really fitted that bill.

Even if I did seem to buy them quite often.


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One response to “January 3rd 1974

  1. jonesxxx

    Ah, I had one if these! Or was it a friend had one. I had all sorts of useless paraphernalia for the stereo. Just like kids today have stuff for their ipods. Young boys love stuff!!

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