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January 1st / 2nd 1974

• “Day off – did nothing except revising really”
• “Revision in morning – not much rest of day”

Here we go then…. a brand new year and…..

Oh…… revision. Boooooooring!

I was cramming for the “mocks”.

My real GCSE O-Levels were looming in June, examinations that were supposed to ‘define me’ and show where my skill sets were. These mock exams were designed to inform both me and my teachers where my deficiencies lay.

As I have said before I have no idea what “revision” consisted of. Did I merely read the things I had been writing all year or did I pour over specific books or texts? It seems to be that in this age before the invention of the internet all this kind of stuff must have been far more intense and/or boring.

I wonder if Dad allowed me a Prog Rock backdrop to my revision?


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