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The 1974 Diary (II)

OK, so exactly why has EFA70sTRA chosen to blur our certain entries in this collated list of LP’s owned in 1974?

Is it embarrassment about some of the things I had? I think you know me well enough by now that I ‘edit’ very little from my world back then, so that would have to be a loud “No”

Instead, I wanted to build up a some anticipation for the LP’s I acquired as the year progressed.

Especially as, very sadly, the number of written entries in this 1974 diary is very meagre indeed. A quick count shows that out of 365 possible scribblings the diary holds a mere 40 or so, and many of them are no more than one word. There is nothing written for February, March, September, October or November at all. *sigh*

This is quite upsetting for me, and not just in terms of the viability of this project. 1974 was my O-Level year, meaning that I have no real record of what kind of emotional state I might have been in preparing for them. I allude to them from time to, but there’s nothing specific. Indeed, looking back at this diary I just feel full disappointed.

In terms of the necessary timeline I will of course share what I do have, and hope that 1975 proves a little more lucrative in terms of written real estate.

I can only apologise in advance. Now you now WHY I needed to save those album titles… so I would have something to write about!


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