The 1974 Diary (I)

Here it is – EFA70sTRO 1974 Diary.

Just 4¼” x 3″ in size and bound in what feels and smells like real blue-dyed leather.

Looking inside reveals that this diary must have been some kind of promotional “freebie” that my Dad snagged at the Eastleigh Railway Works.

It was given by International Pinchin Johnson – specifically their Transport Pants Department.

It suggests that this company were part of the Courtaulds Group, a massive chemicals and textiles corporation.

This diary was evidently designed more as one for “appointments” than the ministrations of a 15 (soon to be 16) year old teenage boy. The top corner of each page is perforated, intended to be stripped away as a week of days has passed. Something I did actually stick with… well until Mid-June anyway, when the effort obviously became just too much.


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