Closing down the 1973 Diary

As I was putting the 1973 away in its safety deposit box at the bank* (one day, when this blog goes into stratosphere mode *cough* it could be worth millions?!) I discovered this page which I had not mentioned at the start of the year

It shows my exam results for June 1973. Results which strangely suggest that History was my best subject which will (again) come as a surprise to my wife, whilst Geography was my worst subject, which won’t.

Yes, I really did write (Har! Har!) next to RE (Religious Education) in 1973, demonstrating a certain disdain for the subject even back then.

As I keep on saying, I feel disappointed that many of my diary entries haven’t jogged my memory to a greater degree than they have. I’m also disappointed that I never felt it necessary to go into any greater detail all those years ago. Not just because it may make this blog a little less repetitive, but it might just feel nice – 36 years on – to have a few more specific reminders about my teenage self. What were the defining moments? How did I get from there to here? Hey, I’m 51, I’m bound to look back and wonder aren’t I?

Anyway, that’s 1973. Hope you liked it.

Having taken a brief advance look at the 1974 diary I’m sorry to have to report that next year’s entries will be somewhat ‘scant’ by comparison.

*ok, so I threw it back into the keepsakes box in the basement


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