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1973 School Reports Part 2

You know, in retrospect it may have been more enlightening if I had presented the February and July reports together so that every subject teacher’s bi-annual comment could be compared to each another? Anyway, here are my July 1973 Reports which prove a certain levels of ongoing inconsistency

Same old green cover, except this time my form master HAS remembered to fill in the date

“Not yet making full use of” my “abilities” eh? Are you a Master or Mistress by the way – you’ve failed to strike one or the other out. Yes, this is me reporting my report. I am docking 9 points from Mr Trotter for his lack of attention to detail, and another three for his handwriting which appears to have deteriorated since my previous report.

Faulty punctuation? Thats’ not true at all.

10th out of 31 in my History class eh? Working conscientiously too? Is this really my report?

I wonder if by “physical geography” he means finding my way to the classroom for each lesson? Isn’t it peculiar that I can lack in effort here and yet be deemed to be working conscientiously elsewhere.

I know Mr Whatmore must’ve prayed for me. That was a waste of time, wasn’t it Mr Whatmore?

I did “not do myself justice” in French eh? Je suis gêné?

Bitch did it again writing “work” when she means “worked”, thus making her comment about MY lack of concentration irrelevant surely?


February I was a star. July I became a disappointment. Story of my life.


“38%” & “much work is necessary”. No shit.


This is the report that made me laugh the loudest when I read it 36 years later. Not necessarily for the the “did not know the basic definitions of economics” remark, as funny as that was, but more for the “His answers also included attempts at humour, but I have advised him to refrain in the future“.

As I’m sure all readers of EFA70sTRO will attest, I took Mr Robins’ advice completely to heart.


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