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1973 School Reports Part 1

I always thought that my old school stuff had been discarded into the sands of time. I hadn’t set eyes on my old reports or certificates for years and just figured they’d got inadvertently thrown away during one of my house moves.

However, whilst staying with my Dad in England earlier this year – helping him celebrate his 80th birthday – I was thrilled and excited when I saw the contents of a folder he handed me one afternoon. He’d been sorting out some papers of his own and found all kinds of things from when I was at school and college.

That night I took the folder to bed with me and read the entire contents. Certain things surprised me in retrospect – don’t they always? – but most everything else had me laughing and guffawing into the wee small hours.

None moreso than the collection of my old school reports. It felt selfish not to share them with my loyal Efa70’sTRO readers…

February 1973 Reports

The reports were handed to every pupil at the end of every February and July. Each teacher wrote something about each pupil and then our form master would compile them all into green folders (as shown above), stapling them together before handing them out.

The yellow form was the overall report by our form master. Here,  Dave Trotter, obviously hadn’t bothered to properly read what my other teachers had said… if this is indeed “an encouraging report” then I’d hate to have seen other kids’ remarks?!

Focus on that word “concentrate”… it will appear again and again…

“Keen” eh? In History? Really? That will make my wife laugh.

“More concentration” is required…..

 “He is working with interest and intelligence” in Religious Education. Hahahahahaha!

“More all round effort is required”. It’s French. I rest my case.

“A good understanding” of Economics. That might be useful later in life. If ONLY I would participate eh?

“must be prepared to make a continuous effort…” You mean like making an effort to write “worked” instead of “work” in the grammatical structure of the sentence? Ha!, Mrs Flint, Ha!

I remain constantly amazed at my educative success in Physics. As I recall though, Mrs Prugar who taught us the subject was a bit of a “hottie” so maybe I paid more attention by default?

I am improving in Technical Drawing eh?…. hmmmmmmm


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