December 10th/14th/15th 1973

• “Day Off – Went to Southampton – bort Xmas pressis”
• “Work”
• “Out on Bike – No Tips!”

Can you see just how far I fell off my own diary’s radar towards the end of 1973?

3 entries, 6 days, load of rubbish written.

About the only thing worth noting is that the people I delivered to on THAT BLOODY BIKE were a bunch of mean gits.

Time for me to go off on a few more 1973 tangents I reckon?…..



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2 responses to “December 10th/14th/15th 1973

  1. No tips … how about, always wear cycle clips to avoid trapping your jeans in the chain on the bike – even though it has a built in guard it’s a safer option.

    Happy to help.

  2. Terry keeps his clips on.

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