December 6th/7th 1973

• “Borrowed Sparrows’ foot in custard – un grosse bage de crap”
• “Fixed speaker sumhow”


OK, so the album sleeve on the right might well be a giveaway to some, but would anyone like to hazard at a quick guess as to what “Sparrows foot in custard” might relate to?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?…

It refers to King Crimson’s 1973 album “Larks’ Tongue in Aspic” (See what I did there?)

6 tracks of progressive pomposity, waved away with a customary “Un grosse bage de crap“, my very poor faux French-ise for “A big bag of crap

Other than the undoubted magnificence of “21st Century Schizoid Man” I’ve never really “got” King Crimson. It’s actually not for want of trying. In 1973 I obviously tested the waters with this (terrible) album, but as recently as last year I borrowed the 4-disc CD retrospective of the band from our local library… just in case I had missed anything in the interim 36 years. I hadn’t. As quickly as the discs were ripped to my iTunes they were removed again. Noodly rubbish.

I think because of the early-70’s Greg Lake and/or Roxy Music and/or PFM connections, I felt I was supposed to like King Crimson back in the day. I even went so far as to write their name on the cover of my 1972 diary for flips sake!

I think on this occasion I can chalk up my outward fascination on peer pressure.

Still, at least I was really able to hear how bad “Sparrows’ foot..” was, given the apparent fact that I had magically managed to repair my duff speaker.


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  1. jonesxxx

    I love the way that buying albums seems to have dominated your life the way it did mine.

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