December 2nd/3rd 1973

• “Deck went wrong but somehow managed to fix it”
• “Borrowed Hello – alright / Speaker went up the toss”

There are those that might cynically comment that a broken record deck would be the best way to listen to Status Quo?!

Shame on those people! I wonder what was wrong with the deck and how I appear to have magically repaired it? Readers, I know you look to me for these answers, but all I do is then look over my shoulder for someone else who might be able to give me a clue!

“Hello” was Quo’s sixth studio album and the Number One follow-up to (what remains) my favourite of theirs: Piledriver, which I wrote about at some length back at the beginning of this year.

I remember it, but not with the same fondness or familiarity as their previous effort, however I’ll admit that the hit single “Caroline” is the worth price of admission alone. Its a rollicking Chuck Berry-esque number with a fabulous sing-along chorus…

The rest of the album was always a bit of a curate’s egg to me – and remains so, just a couple of other tracks copied across to my faithful i-Pod.

Roll Over Lay Down” chugs along at a lick too, even I have NEVER known what the hell Francis Rossi is singing about… apart from the chorus.

Softer Ride” is the other ‘must have’. I always love how it starts off as mellow as can be, then just finds its heavy self around a minute or so in. Its chorus of “I ain’t gonna work no more” suggests it should become my new personal theme tune?!

The other five tracks; “Claudie“, “A Reason for Living“, “Blue Eyed Lady“, “And It’s Better Now” and the 10-minute opus “Forty-Five Hundred Times” never really did it for me.

But yes, the cover of “Hello” IS alleged to have formed the “Smell the Glove” joke in “This is Spinal Tap“… theres something about this that’s so black, its like, how much more black could this be?, and the answer is….none…none…more black… actually I think there’s quite few more Quo-isms in that movie if you watch it hard enough?!


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