November 27th / 28th / 29th / 30th 1973

• “Argument” / “Went into Eastleigh + bort Mormor Xmas presi”
• “Argument”
• “Argument” / “lent Trev Procol Harum”
• “Argument” / Work Out on Bike”

Looks like it was a particularly bad time at home these four days at the end of November?

I still don’t know why my folks felt it necessary to argue all the time and stay at each other throats for so long. It really saddens me now, more than I think I can express. The fact that I actually documented them, even moreso.

I hope Trev never gave me back that Procol Harum album

As I said a few weeks ago, for whatever reason my diary entries have thinned right out and between now and the end of 1973 there are only the merest (relatively inconsequential) handful left.

Time for me to go off on a few more of those 1973 tangents I promised methinks?


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