Telly in 1973 (Part II)

[…continued from Part I]

Another show I got into in 1973 was the Sci-Fi ‘classic” The Tomorrow People“.

The Tomorrow People were a bunch of teenagers – all with special powers – who operated out of a secret laboratory hidden in an abandoned London Underground station. The team spent their days watching out for for “new Tomorrow People” emerging (“breaking out” as it was referred to) in Britain, and then aided them through the often painful and harrowing process. Their bosses were the “Galactic Federation” – headed by (No, I am not making this up) “Galactic Trig” – set up to apparently oversee the general welfare of “telepathic & telekinetic species throughout the universe”.

The teenagers were helped in their quest by TIM, a computer capable of original thought (a bit like the Dell model I have here) and which helped them teleport long distances. Every sci-fi show has to feature teleportation of some kind, but in The Tomorrow People it was called jaunting. No, I don’t know why either.

As with all TV sci-fi of the time this show balanced great concepts with crappy effects, stilted dialogue and dodgy acting. I say this having again recently ‘enjoyed’ the first story ever broadcast. “The Slaves of Jedikiah” was a six-part tale that jumped around (“jaunted”?) all over the place and featured a character called (amusingly to me) “Ginge”. Maybe the 15-year-old me found it enthralling stuff, but the 51-year-old me is more jaded and thus found it tedious.

Trivia freaks may care to store this gem away though…. Roger Price, the creator of The Tomorrow People, was allegedly inspired to write the show after a chance meeting with David Bowie.

Bowie’s song “Oh You Pretty Things” features the line “let me make it plain, you gotta make way for the homo superior“, and Price subsequently made the characters in the show people who had attained a higher level of human evolution; a ‘Homo Superior’.


Tomorrow, people will be able to read my thoughts on a collection of TV comedy classics which all debuted in 1973.

[article continued in Part III…]


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