November 11th 1973

“Aquarius ftured Salvador Dali – Smart”

Aquarius was a weekly TV programme about “the arts” on ITV. I believe it was the precursor to the seminal South Bank Show.

I can’t be sure if I was aware of the work of Dali before this show, or if this show prompted me to learn more, but I do know that for many years afterwards I was mildly obsessed (and overtly influenced) by his surreal paintings.

Dali – or to give him his full name; Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech – was a true artistic eccentric. Sometimes controversial, always flamboyant, he actually trained as a draftsman before indulging himself in the avant-garde, producing a substantial body of work in his lifetime, the most famous of which is probably 1931’s “Persistence of Memory” – shown above.

His life seems so fascinating and ‘out there’ I remain astonished that no-one has ever made a comprehensive biographic film about him.

If and when they do I wonder if they will include the following surprising pieces of ‘pub quiz’ trivia …

a) Dali designed the logo for lollipop manufacturer Chupa Chups?


b) Since his death, art dealers have been extremely be nervous about trading Dali works. The reason for this is because when he was old and quite senile he was forced to sign a number of blank canvasses, unfortunately suggesting there could quite a few forgeries floating around the art world!



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  1. Nobby

    Who loves ya baby x

  2. And there’s a kitty in the photo! Yay!

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