November 1st 1973

“Bort recording lead + Record Cleaner. Recorded 1Man”

Remember all those albums I recorded by placing the tape recorder’s microphone in front of the speaker of my parent’s portable record player?

Well, now it looks like I have to record them all again, this time using a ‘recording lead’ patched from my new amplifier straight into the mix socket on the tape recorder.

No more recordings of songs that feature the odd off-mic cough or the sound of my mother shouting upstairs to inform me that “dinner is ready



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2 responses to “November 1st 1973

  1. Nobby

    Those were the days – kids today don’t know how lucky they are!

  2. jonesxxx

    Ah yes. The 5 pin DIN. Or perhaps the phono leads.

    My first album was an Amstrad 8000 Mk III. What a piece of junk but it was a separate amp and that was what mattered.
    I remember recording an album with a lead and the damn fridge kept clicking on and off and I was speculating whether the interference was on the input to the recording or the output to the speakers.

    You’re right. Kids have it easy now.

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