September 21st 1973

“Moved into spare room”

Wow…. I must have argued with myself and got thrown out?

Actually, I this was part of my necessary ‘teenage remodeling’ years. It is CERTAINLY something that my Dad remembers with a little bit of horror.

He reminded himself of it – and then me – when, last year, I told him I had finally finished painting “the bloody dining room” here at our house in Newport.

The room took me ten times longer than I felt it should have done for the simple reason that my wife & I chose a deep red paint colour for the walls. Anyone who has done painting will know that dark colours never quite look right after just a couple of coats, and thus require several more to give them the depth and strength they deserve.

Thus, my dining room became “that bloody dining room”, just as – I’m sure – my bedroom became “that bloody bedroom” for him in 1973.

The reason being that I chose…. wait for it… a deep purple for two of the walls.

He should have been happy I wasn’t into Black Sabbath!


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