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September 20th 1973

“Found chain” / “Got official o’level certificate”

I think this goes down as an official “good day” for me in 1973.

Not only did I find the elusive identity bracelet, but I also collected the official certificate proving I had already passed my Maths O-Level a year earlier than many of my peers.

In an occurrence that I still find “curious” after all these years, a neighbours kid claimed he found the bracelet in some hedges or other up near the Fox & Hounds pub. He saw the name on the back, associated it with me and got his folks to bring it to us. He was rewarded.

However, I have no idea why it would have been found up near the pub – no, really, I don’t! – and I suspect instead some kind of mischievous foul play.

36 years later I know where the chain is, but haven’t got a clue where the certificate might be. I wonder if I could even get a replacement in the highly unlikely event I would need one?


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