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August 30th 1973

“Went to Tivoli –


Put it all back again though!”

Every so often “Lady Luck” has smiled on me.

However, after she leaves “Uncle Stupid” invariably visits and slaps me around the face.

I can remember this win. It was on one of the one-armed bandits (slot machines) located below the Tivoli Gardens’ concert hall building. Three cherries came up, the lights on the top of the machine flashed, I pushed a button and someone came and gave me a huge bag of Danish coinage. I don’t know how much it was, but it probably would have paid for a meal or two I’m guessing.

That evening taught me a lesson.

Now, if I am ever lucky at a slot machine, or a roulette table, or at bingo I simply walk away with my winnings rather than “reinvesting” any of it.

Basically, I kick Uncle Stupid in the nuts.


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