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August 28th 1973

“Went up Mosters + then went to see Good, Bad  & Ugly wiv Dad. Had a very bad night”

Moster was my Grandmother’s sister. She lived in a suburb of Copenhagen. Two trains and one bus ride away as I recall.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” was the final installment of director Sergio Leone’s “Dollars” trilogy, following on from 1964’s “A Fistful of Dollars” and 1965’s “For a Few Dollars More

The film first opened in 1967, but it would seem that Danish cinemas took a little while to unspool it? (6 years no less!)

I can remember little about the movie except I know its a blood-ridden western full of gunfights and mumbled dialogue. I’ve watched it again as recently as a couple of years ago, and I still can’t tell you what the story is about.

There’s a certain significance to the fact that I went with my Dad, and it could well be the case that this is the last film he saw at the cinema. Last time I was in England I asked him if he wanted to go with me to see something and his simple response was that he sees all the films he needs to see on the TV.  He added that he thought the last time he went to “the flicks” was in Denmark “years ago”.


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