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September 21st 1973

“Moved into spare room”

Wow…. I must have argued with myself and got thrown out?

Actually, I this was part of my necessary ‘teenage remodeling’ years. It is CERTAINLY something that my Dad remembers with a little bit of horror.

He reminded himself of it – and then me – when, last year, I told him I had finally finished painting “the bloody dining room” here at our house in Newport.

The room took me ten times longer than I felt it should have done for the simple reason that my wife & I chose a deep red paint colour for the walls. Anyone who has done painting will know that dark colours never quite look right after just a couple of coats, and thus require several more to give them the depth and strength they deserve.

Thus, my dining room became “that bloody dining room”, just as – I’m sure – my bedroom became “that bloody bedroom” for him in 1973.

The reason being that I chose…. wait for it… a deep purple for two of the walls.

He should have been happy I wasn’t into Black Sabbath!


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September 20th 1973

“Found chain” / “Got official o’level certificate”

I think this goes down as an official “good day” for me in 1973.

Not only did I find the elusive identity bracelet, but I also collected the official certificate proving I had already passed my Maths O-Level a year earlier than many of my peers.

In an occurrence that I still find “curious” after all these years, a neighbours kid claimed he found the bracelet in some hedges or other up near the Fox & Hounds pub. He saw the name on the back, associated it with me and got his folks to bring it to us. He was rewarded.

However, I have no idea why it would have been found up near the pub – no, really, I don’t! – and I suspect instead some kind of mischievous foul play.

36 years later I know where the chain is, but haven’t got a clue where the certificate might be. I wonder if I could even get a replacement in the highly unlikely event I would need one?

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September 18th 1973

“Went to Hi-Fi exhibition in E’Leigh”

In a run of synaptual successes, I can also remember this exhibition… although – naturally – nothing whatsoever specific about it.

It was held on the badminton courts at Fleming Park Sports Centre, dealers laying their wares out on a series of tables and/or having sizeable marquee-style displays.

I’ve often wondered if this kind of exhibition actually does dealers any good. I can see something big like the (for instance) London Earls Court exhibitions having an impact on what people buy… but a little regional set-up like this?

I can’t say I remember anything on show having an influence on what I eventually bought – remember I was in the market for some new ‘whammy’ equipment – but after 36 years you surely can’t have expected me to.

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September 17th 1973

“Had a look for chain at school – could not find it – damn!”

I do remember that this lost chain saga really dominated my thoughts back then.

Maybe its why I went to church yesterday?

Considering the “damn!” however, maybe not?

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September 16th 1973

“Went to C in morn”

On this occasion the much-maligned “C”-word refers to “church”

Something that is as alien to me now as never being grumpy.

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September 15th 1973

“At work all day. Came home and played with organ”


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September 14th 1973

“Think I might have lost chain at school. Hope not”

Oh man… I DO remember this!

(Pauses for readership to sit up and suddenly take notice)

I had a silver identity bracelet, given to me by my folks. It was engraved on the inside and outside and I wore it pretty constantly.

It did have a tricky – and somewhat poorly-designed – clasp though. It used to get caught on the sleeves of whatever I was wearing, something which doubtless contributed to me mislaying the chain somehow.

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September 12th 1973

“Went wiv Dad to thing at school – quite interesting although very borin'”


WHAT thing?

Sometimes my diary entries can be VERY frustrating 36 years later.

What do you mean “Join the club“?

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