August 5th 1973

“Touched up painting. Nig came up in afternoon. Sold toy cars to Carol”

Like a lot of other British kids, I grew up collecting Corgi or Dinky toy cars.

All these years later, there’s really only two of them I can really remember owning.

The first was the ubiquitous Aston Martin DB5 – from the Bond films – something I have waxed lyrically about before.

The other was Corgi’s magnificent representation of a late 60’s Lincoln Continental Limousine…

… like many other toy cars it had opening doors, boots/bonnets (trunks/hoods for my American followers) and terrific detailing.

It’s real coup de grâce though was the rear seating area, which featured a tiny TV screen for the imaginary passengers. You could push a button and light it up, and it might just be my imagination at play here but was it also possible to change the images on the screens somehow? (I think it was)

I know this seems lame in today’s ‘electronic generation’, but to a kid in the late 60’s and early 70’s this was nothing short of ‘amazing’ and ‘impressive’

I loved that car. Same as I loved the DB5. However, as this teenager approached his 16th birthday, his tastes and interests – like all teenagers – were changing. Seems as though my loss was Carol’s son’s gain. Aaaaaargh!


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