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August 1st 1973

“Work in morning. In afternoon went to Comet but couldn’t look at system”

Comet is/was an electrical store that was founded in Hull in 1933. It was originally known as Comet Battery Stores, eventually morphing into the retailing behemoth the whole of Britain has come to love and loathe in equal measures. Along with most of the other major retailers of its ilk – Dixons, Currys, etc – it has gone through several periods of being criticised for poor staff attitude and terrible after sales service. I’m not in England long enough in any year to know if it’s finally overcome some of the stigma, but I’ll guess it has, indeed, cleaned up its act.

In 1973 I was obviously hunting down some kind of new stereo/hi-fi system and Comet became a ‘go-to’ venue in my quest.

However, for whatever reason, on this day 36 years ago I was well and truly denied.

Rotten swines.


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