July 17th 1973

“Lent Focus 3 to Gra for him to tape for MP. 10p each. Also gave him C90 to record Be Good — MAN”

Surely Gra and I weren’t profiteering from our home taping were we?


Changing the subject rapidly, let’s just say that if I were to recommend one Man album to anyone “Be Good To Yourself at Least Once a Day” would be that choice.

It seems to be the one that sums the band up the best. 4 lengthy tracks – obviously recorded with live performances in mind – it jogs along at an even pace and features two of their ‘killer’ cuts… the 11-minute opus of “C’Mon” and the previously-mentioned classic “Bananas

In a display of some nepotism, the record sleeve opened up to reveal a fold up map of Wales. Maybe Deke Leonard & Co felt the country was the British Isles very own “West Coast”, in keeping with their fascination for Californian jam bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service or the Grateful Dead?

However, I can state there is a BIG difference between San Francisco and Cardiff.


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