July 15th 1973

“Done project nearly all day. Went to church and saw my “battle in vestry” in print. Played football wiv Nig, Mal, Mart & Cuppa”

I vaguely remember writing a tongue-in-cheek piece for the church magazine about how two different sets of  religious ‘youths’ fought a raging battle across a crowded vestry.

A bit like “Hot Fuzz” – but not.

Yes, I openly admit, to see it in print may have been the only valid reason for me going to the service this particular morning.

In other news, we had a friend who’s last name was Tee.

Ergo, he was nicknamed “Cuppa”

(These days he would probably be called “Far”)


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One response to “July 15th 1973

  1. lando

    cuppa. love it.

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