July 10th 1973

“Went to Bible Study in E-Leigh. Damn Boring”

This 51-year-old still finds it odd and very confusing – to say the least – that I appeared to ‘waste’ so much of my teenage years involved in “all things” religious.

Especially now when I mockingly describe myself as “God of the Atheists

It’s not as if I appear to have particularly enjoyed much of it, today’s diary entry testament to my lack of patience with it all. (Yes, the testament remark was a joke)

I’ve heard friends say that “the church” represents their social life, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing by itself, and – at the end of the day – I shouldn’t judge.

As far as I can tell, all religion did for me in 1973 was to allow me the dubious opportunity for some grubby fumbling in a shared sleeping bag during a weekend’s stay at the local vicarage.

God indeed moves in very mysterious ways.


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