July 7th 1973

“At work all day. Found out Sharon is only 14. In evening went up woods wiv Mal & Nig. Dad told me off for excessive swearing”

I’d hate for anyone to read TOO much into the “Found out Sharon is only 14” remark. In 1973, this was a very innocent comment. In 2009 its just sounds so awfully pervy, suggesting there was more behind the sentence.

Which there wasn’t I’m quick to add. However, to this (then) 15-year-old I suspect she was something of a ‘looker’, that’s all.

The swearing problem I have remarked on in these posts before. My Dad found my diary (this one) and discovered that in several entries – and in spare space at the bottom of pages – I would use language not becoming of an educated young man. He made me go through the diary and cross out any offending words.

Thereafter I probably simply hid the diary a little better.

However, I never DID get out of the habit of swearing profusely… as I’m sure many of my friends will attest to.


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