July 5th 1973

“Watched the Burke Special then did some more of the Hist. project”


I had almost totally forgotten about James Burke and his set of techno-science documentaries – all called “The Burke Special” – that littered the TV during the 70’s and early 80’s.

He was a great presenter who managed to educate and entertain in equal measures as he showed us the intricate workings of the world around us.

It’s somewhat spooky timing that his name turns up now… because I first remember him as the BBC’s “space guy” – the reporter they always trotted out to talk on the news whenever there was a new Apollo mission. I wasn’t 100% certain but research backed up my addled brain to confirm that he was indeed the presenter on the day Neil Armstrong & Co landed on the moon… almost 40 years ago on the 20th/21st July 1969 (20th U.S. time, 21st UK time)

Here he is, taking us inside the Apollo Command Module, from some footage that seems to scream 1973…


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