July 3rd, 1973

“Man Concert at Guildhall 7:30pm – BRILLIANT!


(Yes the word Bananas is in BIG writing on the diary entry)

I’ve written about Welsh rockers, Man, before. ( +1 more )

I don’t believe I have mentioned the cut Bananas. One of the band’s more popular songs.

There are some wags who think Bananas should be the National Anthem for Wales. Having lived in that country (I hated every minute, sadly) that suggestion certainly holds some credence.

The chorus basically goes:
I like to eat bananas, ‘cos they got no bones
I like marijuana, ‘cos it gets me stoned

It’s not exactly Shakespeare is it?

Looks like I got my first exposure to the band at Southampton’s Guildhall this evening, my review somewhat succinct with, no doubt, an element of bias. I suspect I had not yet become cynical about seeing bands in concert and any act would be considered ‘brilliant‘ or derivations thereof.

I wonder if the Guildhall had bad acoustics in 1973? The last few gigs I have been to there this century were marred by poor sound, indeed when I saw Portishead there a few years back I almost vowed to never go again, such was the quality and ‘echo-ey’ bounceback.

To make matters worse, the venue now seems to have linked up with mega-corp Live Nation, almost guaranteeing that any potential punter will get well and truly ripped off/gouged when they buy their tickets. (I truly feel sorry for the kids buying tickets for shows nowadays. They never knew there was a MUCH simpler time when the price on the ticket was the price you paid.)

Yes, I am grumpy nowadays. In 1973 all I could shout was BANANAS!


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