June 21st 1973

“Longest Day – No exams – borin all day – went into eastleigh + bt sunglasses + swimming trunks – Night of the hard kid up Fairoak”

Like most every village, FairOak had its share of ‘toughnuts’.

Toughnuts that would seem to often single me out for attention – something not helped by the fact that I cycled that horrible delivery bike round the neighbourhood for Lancaster & Crook, making me a target for verbal abuse. (Hell, I would have shouted something at me if I’d seen me on it!)

I don’t what was different about tonight’s little incident, but the fact that I had reason to comment on it means I must have felt more intimidated than usual.

As I have said before, nothing pleases me more than seeing many of these previous ‘toughnuts’ in their later life, looking down & out, bald, wrinkled, haggard, bloated and thoroughly pissed off .. and still walking the streets of Fair Oak. If here’s any karma in the world, one or two of ’em might have the piss taken out of them these days – or better, given a little kicking – by FairOak’s 2009 breed of ignorant chavvy ‘hardnuts’

In other news… ‘sunglasses and swimming trunks‘ eh? Stylin’!!!!


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