June 20th 1973

“Economics <- Easy. T.D.1 <- Hard! – Went up Nigs + write stupid, idiotic, moronic letter to Sue”

Yes, I have usually found things to do with money – i.e. Economics – simple to understand. I’m pretty good with numbers and I’m a better ‘economist’ than I often give myself credit for these days, managing to strike the best balance of spend and thrift as well as hunting down the right bargains etc. I’ve always believed in the old adage that if you look after the pennies, the pounds/dollars will often look after themselves, and so I hate unnecessary costs, waste and/or the feeling of being ripped off.

TD – or Technical Drawing – was quite a hard subject to take but it felt related to my artistic side. There was a point in my life when I imagined being an architect or designer, but I suspect my aptitude for the subject told a different story.

My Tech Drawing lessons have however stayed with me – for life –  thanks to one simple day-to-day reason. Back then, we were taught to write any lettering with a ruler as a guide. This kept the text neat and tidy around the illustrations. As a result of that I find it VERY difficult to write anything completely freehand without it looking like a dog’s half-eaten dinner. I almost always have to write using a ruler or some kind of straight edge – even envelopes and fill-in forms etc. It’s now the only way my writing looks ‘grown-up’ (even if the process isn’t)

The downside to this is I unfortunately taught my wife the same skill after we met. She used to have nice flowing, easily readable, handwriting. Now, when you add a ruler to her mix, her it sometimes turns out pretty illegible. I have never forgiven myself.

I wonder if I used a ruler for the letter to Sue in the evening? If it was that stupid, idiotic and moronic, why didn’t I later sell it to the Farrelly brothers to turn into a hit Hollywood movie? Dashed opportunities again!


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