June 14th 1973

“Went up Nigs and saw his cassette player – quite smart”

It seems just so very archaic now to be talking about “cassette players” in such eager terms.

To my mind – and moreso than vinyl – they appear to be such a terrible music-carrying format. Hissy, no high-end, no low-end and prone to stretching.

But let’s not forget that cassettes brought a lot more music to the masses as well as kicking off the whole ‘personal stereo’ phenomenon, that started with the Sony Walkman in 1979 and culminated in the current ‘almost born with ear buds in their ears’ iPod generation.

I have no idea what the cassette deck was that Nig got except I can guess that back then I would have been jealous of it. Reading all those hi-fi mags had made me something of a fanatic, if not an early consumer of the products. I know it will all change somewhen though… when I had saved up enough money.


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