June 10th 1973

“In morning managed to disembody one of Nig’s Action Men and in Afternoon broke foot off of Mal’s A.M.”

Looks like the Xtreme Action Man Olympics took a turn for the worst today?

Between writing this post and the previous one about tossing the dolls high up into the trees, I remembered another ‘sport’ was to place the soldiers on bent back low hanging branches and springing them into “Palitoy kingdom come”.

Why this was considered fun I don’t know, but I suspect you have to be a 15-year-old kid to understand the appeal.

If this guy had been around in 1973, I reckon he would have done a roaring business don’t you?

And yes, for the benefit of my American readers, an Action Man IS much like your G.I.Joe toy. 

Except it isn’t. If that makes sense?

Action Man was much cooler.


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