June 4th 1973

“‘O’ LEVELS START. Revised in evng and fixed radio so that it is wired up to record player speaker. Sue’s sister sez she’s coming bak”

A-ha…. the answer to the curiosity surrounding my “saga of two weeks from now begin” comment can now be revealed.

I was referring to the start of my O-Levels, specifically my (being taken early) Mathematics exams.

In order to hunker down and *ahem* properly revise I apparently wired up that portable radio to Mum & Dad’s record player (long since ‘adopted’ by me I hasten to add) so as to hear the music output from Radio 1 or Radio Luxemborg with greater clarity and volume.

In better news it would appear Sue had not been offended in any manner by us ‘fondling her arse’ on her (apparently premature) leaving day at work. She was coming back for more, bless her!


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