June 2nd 1973

“Sad all day becos of the departure of Sue. Sue wearing a dress so we fondled her arse. She gave us a goodbye, um, kiss”

Now, in my defence your honour, can I just say that “political correctness’ did not really exist in 1973.

Indeed, sexism – overt sexism in fact – was rampant.

Rampant apparently being the operative word?!

I blame it all on that smutty ‘filth’ that was paraded across our TV screens on a weekly basis. Stuff like The Benny Hill Show (every Wednesday night at 8pm after This is Your Life and Coronation Street)

Because we had no VCRs, DVRs or Tivo’s in 1973, and thus were physically unable to fast forward any element of the show, we were instead FORCED to watch every single degrading moment of Benny’s comedy routines featuring semi-clad women in compromising situations…

Like that one (featuring Jane Leeves aka “Daphne” from the hit show “Frasier”, btw)

On behalf of everyone involved in the harassment-in-the-workplace scandal, I retrospectively apologise unreservedly to Sue. However, surely you must have led us on with that, um, kiss?


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